Writing Samples

Editing & Proofing Samples

21/12/2011 14:41
Exhibit A Consider the following clip, which is taken word for word (with the exception of "Our client" and "Springfield") from a package of documents that was intended to solicit external partners — believe it or not. The Original Our client will no longer pay for both mileage charges...

Website Design from a Business Perspective

21/12/2011 14:38
Website Design from a Business Perspective Thinking of hiring someone to create your website? Before you do so, you may want to consider the following advice. Offered from a business perspective (i.e., we are all here to sell something and make money), they'll help you guide your chosen...

A Web Primer for Newbies

21/12/2011 14:26
A Web Primer for Newbies (with apologies to hard-core techies) So you've decided that you need a website for your small business. That's good. But chances are, you're also unsure of what to do at this point — beyond handing over money to those who create websites and being at their...